The Conquest of Tolerance: on the Morocco Tourist Murders

To begin with, let me say that I have not watched the recently surfaced video of two young female Scandinavian tourists being executed by Islamic State vermin. Whether you have watched the video, read the description making the rounds, or simply heard the now-known facts, people’s reactions vary. The reactions I’ve come across vary from rage against the barbaric jihadists who committed the deed to cynical responses to the girl’s naiveté suggesting they had paid the inevitable price for it.

I have to admit, that I’ve felt a mix of all these emotions myself. How could they be so stupid? Two Western women going off with unfamiliar Moroccan men into the wilderness? Were they trying to prove a point, had they left behind all common sense in search of ‘adventure’? Had they not even a second thought that perhaps, two European women travelling in an Islamic backwater were prime prey? 

A damning piece of this puzzle has been revealed. On her social media profile, one of the young women had shared a multicultural propaganda video in 2015, depicting a video in which a woman is shown being frightened by an Arab man in Islamic garb walking down the street, followed by a scene in which a white man in a suit is arrested by police: her ‘bigotry’ had been disproven, the Arab appeared to be a friendly neighbour and the native man the sought-after criminal. The video ends with the caption “Think For Yourself.”

Accepting the message of this  video means ignoring the massive statistical overrepresentation of foreign men in crime from petty theft to violent sexual crimes in European crime statistics, the waves of Islamic terrorism in the West, the treatment of women and ‘unbelievers’ where this religion reigns strongest and truest to its founding principles, to ignore the multiple warnings even our own governments will issue on their websites against travelling to these countries even as they import millions from them. 

Indeed, to ‘think for yourself’ means to discard all evidence to the contrary, which would allow reasonable people to discern statistical patterns in terms of sexual violence, and to convince yourself that the fact that ‘we are all human’ would somehow protect you from harm; NAXALT. As long as you believe that statistically, swarthy men with beards are not more likely to see you as a kuffar whore that needs to be taught a lesson, you can do whatever you like, travel where-ever and advocate multiculturalism at home. In this case, the ideology that was imprinted on impressionable girls also infused them with the belief that women can do everything that men can (empowerment!) including exposure to situations in which they would be physically unable to help themselves in potentially hostile environments.

What happened was that “tolerance” met “conquest”, and the gruesome results speak for themselves from the deserts of Morocco to the streets of European cities.

However, make no mistake: this event was a symptom. These girls did not just wake up one day and decide to explore a dangerous North-African country. Behind them stand years, if not decades, of ongoing exposure to multicultural, one-world propaganda, systematically dismantling every mental safe-guard they may have been instilled with by a healthy and self-defending society. Especially highly-educated young women and men are exposed to the same brainwash in the nerve-centres of the globalist project, which consist of modern schools, universities, and mainstream media outlets. Millions are spent on high-quality propaganda videos such as the one shared on Maren’s facebook with ‘strong messages’ that appeal to their innate soft-heartedness. It is a twisted doctrine sold to us under the guise of ‘appeal to our humanity’, and it must be ripped free from our hearts and minds before it eats us whole.

Nobody deserves a fate such as these young women, and though it may be a ‘warning’, it is one that likely will fall on deaf ears as the empty chorus of NAXALT, ‘Muslim solidarity’ and ‘no bigotry’ drowns it out.

The best we can do is to push back as best we can against this madness, to remind people gently but firmly of where their loyalties must lie, so as to prevent such barbaric acts from becoming consolidated facts our own countries, and in order to dismantle the rhetorical strawmen that prevent any real debate on these festering issues. Yes, many Moroccans may be outraged by what occurred. My fight is not with them, if they choose to ‘fix’ these problems within their own territory. But to many people from that region living in Europe, those two dead women were just ‘kech’(whores), and as many examples show, other European women around us receive the same treatment. As Europe fills with more migrants from the Maghreb and other majority-Islamic states, the upcoming invasion from Africa notwithstanding, we should not be surprised when one day our women here also find a jackboot on their face and a knife at their throat. It will not be our boot, of the boogeyman oppressive ‘rightwing’ man the Left and the Media likes to rustle up, but the boots of other more aggressive and virile peoples entering our lands. We, however, are the only ones that have the will and vision needed to right this ship and prevent further submission to such a brave new world. Let’s put our boot where it belongs – up the backside of our dhimmi elites, and no longer tolerate conquest of our women, lands, and future.

Never forget: apathy and tolerance are the virtues of a dying society. 

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