Stumbling Bricks & Sigurds Blood

The European and internationalist elites have deluded themselves into thinking that we have arrived at our ‘final destination’. Our civilization has arrived at a point in its intellectual development that is entirely unnatural, even within the cycles of flourishing and decline of civilizations (as those analyzed by Oswald Spengler). It sees itself as “special” – but not in the way that all others nations of the past or present do.

It is an entirely new kind of special: the Un-chosen people that are destined to slowly submerge themselves in the waters of history until nothing but an economic construct labelled “Europe” remains of once-proud nations. This  is the ‘strange death of Europe’, as Douglas Murray calls it. It must be named for what it is: a murder-suicide without pact. Modernity was written as a tragicomedy in good European tradition, and its author punctuates the final sentence with her own blood.

In the narratives of the modern far left (equally touted in variations by the liberal left), which have taken the struggle from class to culture, one often hears about the oppression by the ‘dominant culture’. In the context of the West, this refers to the culture of the dominant group – white, sometimes Christian, often ‘patriarchal’. Similar to the new dictionaries of Gender, these discussion have recently been further developed in the United States and been imported by European intellectual classes.

In these narratives, now gone mainstream, the dominant culture oppresses all others by marginalizing the cultures of peaceful immigrants, setting its own practices and banners above all others, and ultimately hindering these others in their free cultural development to their detriment.

However, away from the narrative and in the streets of every modern urban space in Europe, the ‘dominant’ culture is no longer dominant in any meaningful sense; it is neither willing nor able in its current form to assert anything approaching dominance. Church bells ring past empty pews while the muezzin’s shrill call wakes the sleeper. Ground is freely given by municipalities to erect new Minarets, while the same state coerces communities and property-owners to put up asylum seekers in ‘empty’ spaces.

What is normal in the history of the world, courses through the histories of all tribes and peoples, and is the norm among most existing nations? A measure of pride in the history one identifies oneself with, the belief that the country has a right to self-determination and the betterment of its people’s welfare; a healthy sense of Self. This, however, must now be exorcised from Europe itself. It makes an example of itself, whether with the resigned hubris of the French in their conception of the ‘universal citizen’, or the proud prostration of the German who preaches the shrill litany of “never again” as his house burns down around him, once again.

The measure of its own cultural and civilizational worth is now found only in the degree to which European countries are open to others and their values. Their very presence has become ‘valuable’ in itself; what a great boon to the economy the newcomers will be, how much we can learn from each other! Do not be afraid, the future is beautiful! Skepticism is turned against the skeptic as an expression of fear; and, after all, isn’t fear an irrational emotion that may stem from more deep-seated bigotry? The skeptic becomes the suspect.

Where these nations have become unable and apathetic to enforce the dominance of their own cultural space and where others are remaking it in the image of their home countries, tolerance steps in and turns vice into virtue through sleight of hand. Intelligentsia and apparatchiks of European countries argue that the acceptance of the “Other” and co-existence is what really makes their country civilized, that this forms the new cornerstone of British, Italian and German values. 

Ironically, such values have only come to be seen as ‘desirable’ after the successive failures of limiting migration, assimilating newcomers, or even the magic bullet of ‘integration’. For instance, while Chancellor Merkel declared multiculturalism a ‘failure’ in 2010, we have now advanced to the point where her Financial Minister, Schäuble, declares simply that “the march of history cannot be stopped, and we must all come to terms with the fact that Islam has become a part of our country.” A march of history indeed, one with cattle prods behind our backs – woe to him who pauses or wishes to turn back!

This process is nothing more than the Musealization of Cultures, preserving only the most bland and inoffensive values or elements as showpieces, polished until little more than gleaming nubs standing on pedestals are left, next to large Monuments to Shame (a famous one standing in the heart of Germany’s capital.) The rest of the civilization is put into storage or purged outright. We do this quite literally, for instance covering the genitals of masterwork sculptures for visits of Islamic dignitaries to Italy, or smelting down excess Viking-age artifacts that were unearthed while digging the foundations for a new villa or social housing project in Sweden.

No longer does ‘civilization’ span the entirety of its becoming and complex heritage – we can simply do away with the nasty and brutish elements as anything else but shameful memorials, even if that means creating potentially fatal blind spots. Sigurd waned himself immortal after bathing in dragon’s blood – yet the leaf between his shoulders would prove to be his undoing. Similarly, we have washed ourselves in the blood of de-fanged western liberalism, and our aversion to martial values and assertiveness are the leaf between our shoulder, and some very much like seeing it there.

We are now opening the ports to barbarism and strife by distancing ourselves from anything martial and warrior-like; one of the first signs of this is a lacking desire to secure our borders backed up by the power of the state. Our so-called rulers forget the rule of natural law here: that which is on its knees will continue receiving kicks. Every child that has witnessed bullying in schools knows this. Another example for this attitude shift is the extremely sore state of many European militaries, or the high levels of violence (especially against atomized natives) from gangs of young male immigrants in schools and public spaces. A logical answer to this would be a new martial European metapolitics – not aggressive for its own sake, but aggressive in its own noble defense.

All the while, politicians and media outlets continue to exacerbate the sources of conflict through continuing policies of mass migration and weak assertion of cultural dominance, while papering over the ever-widening cracks with appeals to ‘humanity’ and ‘understanding’. We are governed by a class of vampires that rule over a proletariat of zombies; in their insatiable appetite, they are driven to import ever more ‘fresh blood’. They do not care for the life of people in Europe or outside of it. They are motivated by misplaced idealism, greed, and an outwardly projected self-hatred which has been instilled slowly throughout the post-war years throughout much of Western Europe.

This special mélange of political neuroses can be found in cultural relativism that puts one’s own culture last, if it is not outright denied. Rolf Peter Sieferle, a now infamous German ecologist and philosopher, puts it succinctly: “[R]elativism is first used as a weapon to break down an ideological block of Selbstverständlichkeit.” This beautiful German term refers to the state of something as being understood as natural without the need to debate it; it is selbstverständlichthat the sky is blue, birds of a feather flock together, and that different peoples flourish best in culturally and economically healthy homelands.

Our healthy, natural assumptions have been turned around. It has now become unnatural to put your own country and its people first in matters of welfare, security, resource allocation and cultural assertion. We’ve heard it often enough: Swedish politicians denying the existence of a native Swedish culture, almost gleefully painting their own people as “uninteresting”(Former Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt) and using this as a reason to take in hundreds of thousands of immigrants even as public opinion turns against them.

Another example: German political and mediatic elites decried the semi-faithful reconstruction of Frankfurt’s Old City (Altstadtwith historical design and materials as ‘an attempt to eradicate history’ in removing the traces of destruction left of the Allies bombardment of the city under Nazi rule. Thankfully, many local politicians after public pressure in favor of the project (no doubt seeing the tourist euros roll in) consented to the project, which was finished earlier this year. However, even after being finally built, small monuments of shame had to be re-inserted in the form of ‘stumbling bricks’ (Stolpersteine) in the pavement to remind all those who walked through these streets of the victims of the Nazi era. This is unique in the world; no other nation wishes to remind its citizens on the very ground they walk of past atrocities ‘committed by them’, through ancestral guilt. If we didn’t keep those bloody Germans stumbling, who knows what they’d get up to, eh?

These stumbling bricks are small parts in a larger block that has been placed at the feet of the German Soul, made from the fragments of their Selbsverständlichkeit which has been chipped away at for decades. Nothing can be attempted, nothing can be done, without previously consulting the correct attitude in the great book of shame. This is not how the collective conscious of a people heals from the barbarism it was embroiled in and indeed, played an active role in: this is how collective neuroses are formed, heads held only high when given the opportunity to be bowed. 

Moreover, these stumbling bricks are not that unique to Germany, as variations are being adapted to every other country and culture in Europe for the same ends of demoralization. Those that lose their fighting spirit have already lost. The only ‘fights’ Europe now partakes in is that of the imperialist foreign policy of some countries, more often than not diametrically going against the interests of their nations and people and which only further worsen the world’s ability to balance itself. Some half-hearted efforts are made to ‘control’ migration routes in sub-Saharan Africa, but a closer look reveals these to benefit mostly local warlords and the European armaments industry – there is no incentive here to actually solve the problem as this would result in important revenue streams drying up.

These interventionist wars also feed the new narratives that state we should no longer allow mass immigration as mere reparation, but must accept its consequences as penance for our sins of past and present – the infamous pound of flesh. In this sense, other European countries are little different than the ‘special’ Germany – to their detractors, they have outlived their welcome in the world, whether through holocaust or colonialism. Their former Selbstverständlichkeitmust be crushed by the weight of their transgressions, to pave the way for a Brave New World.

At this junction in time, every citizen of Europe must ask themselves a simple question: How much longer are we willing to pay in our own blood? To see our bodies mangled by trucks, to see our capital cities changed beyond recognition, to see our people spoon-fed lies and insults with their own tax money? 

There is still time to adjust course before we drive off the cliff. Determined individuals forming a collective of will have been the drivers of historical change. Together, we can pry the corpse-grip of our elites from the steering wheel and apply the brakes. Together, we shall remain!

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