Incels, the gynocentric valuesystem and an alternative suggestion

I think the incel question has been misconstrued. Incels don’t seem to lust after women solely due to sexual desire. Otherwise an escort or trip to Thailand would quickly resolve the issue.

No that is not the point

The main thing incels seem to look for is being valuable. Being accepted. This is because a “real man” ™ in the current zeitgeist is being what women want you to be. You either are her sextoy genetic material dispenser as a “real man” ™ Alpha during her peak fertile years. Or you are a “real man” ™ and step up to the plate to pay for her wishes to have children and get to be her beta ATM in the years thereafter.

Incels tend to fall so low on both hierarchies (especially the alpha fuckboy one) that most responses they experience when asking a girl out are ones of implicit or even explicit disgust.

“Get away from me you CREEP”

This can be due to all sorts of reasons, genetic or otherwise, ranging from being short to odd facial bone structures or very low extraversion.

Considering the gynocentric nature of the current definition of masculinity these rejections when piled up start to feel less and less like rejections of women. But rather more and more like rejections of any value at all.

Slowly but surely thanks to Hollywood narratives where “getting the girl” is equal to achieving salvation and the astronomical value we have placed on sex and access to lot’s off it, this feeling of getting rejected grows stronger and stronger to make these men feel more and more alien. This combined with somewhat of an echo chamber of previously existing platforms like r/incels turn that rejection into self-hate and hate of the unfair world.

I want to stop this process in its tracks by offering an alternative value structure. So here is my open letter to you the incel.

Dear Incel,

You are mostly if not completely right about the superficiality of female mate selection. It is indeed just about only about money, looks, status and some dark triad personality characteristics. And yes, thanks to modernity the way they can behave with things like shit tests and creep shaming has taken on levels that we haven’t seen before in human history. Although us men should be honest and agree that our mate selection process is similarly superficial mostly selecting for signs of fertility. Although you could make the honest point that men aren’t nearly so harsh, manipulative and devious as women in this process, nor do they ever hold a similar amount of sexual marketplace power as women do from 18 to 28.

But you have accepted a lie that is killing you. The lie that women get to decide your value as a man. why do you allow the decision of some dumb thot whether you do or do not get access to her golden vagina to influence your sense of self-worth so much? Really pause this video and think about it for a while. Now then I think all the arguments in favor off this boil down into three points:

  1. Societal acceptation and the gynocentric value structure
  2. The idea that the only point to life is winning the Darwinian rat race
  3. Sex is so incredible that if you don’t get any of it your life isn’t worth living

Let’s tackle the first point, remember the Jeremy Meeks fiasco? He was by most means of looking at it a relatively shit person. Yet even in his prison uniform women were fawning over him. Was this because these women had a sixth sense to see that his genetic material was of such quality that children with him would surely help human civilization advance? No not really. The entire twitter meme felt more like some viral campaign of private prisons trying to convince women to give birth to the next generation of inmates.

Now I don’t blame women here, they are just running on evolutionarily programmed routines that mostly came into being in the context of a proto-agrarian hunter gatherer society. And Meeks might indeed have made a pretty good hunter two thousand years ago. But I do blame you the Incel for accepting and participating in such a dumb value structure. Why in the world would anybody value the opinions of people so dumb they implicitly say that his genetic material needs continuation?

Why? Emotionally because of cultural and innate gynocentrism. That brings me to the first point, the gynocentric value structure. The cultural gynocentrism will fade at some point in the next 30 years or so when we start passing through the coming evolutionary bottleneck, this subject is too large to deal with in this video, so I’ll summarize it as a cultural, economic and likely world population decline. Now your innate gynocentrism is partly evolutionarily programmed and partly culturally programmed. All that is cultural can be disassociated from or be reprogrammed.

How? Stop watching media that continually imply that “salvation can only be achieved through women”. Stop listening to music that have lyrics like “I’d catch a grenade for you, but you wouldn’t do the same for me”. And yes, stop watching porn. Cut as many things that try to indoctrinate you into that gynocentric value structure out of your life as possible. And then start consuming media that are fun or that counter the gynocentric narrative. There is plenty of people on YouTube and other platforms that provide you with tools to rehabilitate your self-image, MGTOW content producers like Spetsnaz or Human come to mind, but also more general concepts like mindfulness or the Wim Hof method. Even if it doesn’t seem reasonable at first, your mind his highly impressionable and will come around if you just keep at it.

After you cut yourself off the drip-feed of indoctrination you get to redesign your life. This starts with getting your hormones in check. Try to slowly but surely clean up your diet, sleep on time, exercise, meditate and maybe do cold training. Now this starts to sound awfully much like: “just lift eat clean and make a lot of money brah” but that is not what I’m saying. I don’t care if your bodyfat percentage is below 12 neither do I care if you have big muscles or have an “alpha” ™ mindset thanks to all your meditation. But if you go out for a run occasionally, play tennis with some friends and cycle to your work you’ll just feel a little better. Feeling good is all about the endocrine system, and a little work can go a long way in improving all kinds of dopamine levels.

Do this until you start to notice that you can say “I will be fine staying single forever” and not feel your stomach move in any way. It takes work and it’s an uphill battle, but you can win and are worth that work.

Nevertheless, that does not counter the second argument that you are losing the Darwinian battle for access to wombs. Although I find this one to be a bit questionable to begin with. Because if you were to get a girl and she would be willing to have as many children as you wanted to, how many would you have? Two, Three? If you were serious about spreading your genes you’d just keep going, impregnate her within days of delivering the previous baby and maybe you could have twenty kids over the course of her fertile years. Now compared to that the guy with two kids might as well have been celibate.

On top of that is of course the serious likelihood you might be cucked. Especially if you are an incel due to factors that can’t be changed like height or facial features. An example is this Guardian article describing that in 1 to 30 percent of cases a child was not fathered by the man that thought he was the father. And here is some data that suggests a number between 1.7 and 3.3 percent in the United States. I suspect the real numbers to be significantly higher but let’s leave it at the fact that it is a very real possibility that you will be cucked.

However, the Darwinian game is not limited to interhuman competition on such a local level. For example, say you are Frisian (a small subset of the Dutch population) which would be a more effective way of you spreading your genes:

  1. You find a Frisian girl and have 4 babies.
  2. Some scenario where you get into the provincial Frisian government and manage to get some fertility policies agreed upon. Where these policies result in at least 1000 extra Frisian babies being born, although it is true that these babies are less genetically similar to you then your own babies (assuming your Frisian wife doesn’t cuck you). Genetically you have probably won because Frisians improved their situation compared to another Dutch peoples.

And this argument can be as small as that Frisian level up to the much larger frame in which races are in competition which is the level the Alt-Right operates at, or even larger. The largest being of course mankind competing with nature itself wanting to expand into space, and perhaps even competing with alien species for interstellar territory. Although I suppose it will take a while for man to get to that point, if we don’t manage kill ourselves well before then.

The takeaway point is quite simple though, the Darwinian race is leveled, and you are selling yourself short if you think the only way you can contribute is by marrying some women and paying for her to have 2 kids. I mean you could do that yourself if you wanted to through surrogacy, and I bet you’ll be off cheaper and less stressed in the long run.

But assuming you don’t go through the surrogacy route what can you do? Well first decide exactly what kind of people you want to be around in the next generation, then investigate contributing financially to organizations that have the eugenic effect you are looking for. If you are alt-right set up a white baby fertility NGO. If you only care about IQ look if there is some genetic research Centre or something of the sort you can contribute to. Or go into politics and get that Frisian fertility up. You get the point, you can affect the genetic composition of the next generation without necessarily having babies yourself.

As for the third point, about sex being so incredible, it’s fun but you’ll be fine without it. Ninety percent of the anticipation is just your brain tricking you into procreating. Combine that with the reality that women will never naturally respond to you in the way they do to their “alpha” ™ fucktoys and you are better of paying or staying celibate voluntarily. I don’t know anything about hookers or escorts, but men have used them for hundreds if not thousands of years before now. I suppose that implies that, they are good enough to be an alternative if you really want some.


Some guy

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