Flinging Shit Until It Sticks Ep 1 – Introduction

A series exploring globalist smear-campaigns against ‘whites in the way’ – and how we can defend ourselves against this

Every Saturday afternoon, we will be exploring how internationalist elites and their lobotomized henchmen are using are using manipulation tactics and moving the goalposts to stifle any voices of dissent against their agenda of white replacement. The tactic is simple: making ridiculous claims about their targets (mostly white men), ranging from sexual assault to nazi sympathies, in order to turn public opinion against them and claim the high ground. In short, they fling enormous amounts of shit in the hope that something sticks, thereby removing an obstacle in their path to absolute power and our ruin. Naturally, we will also be analyzing how to best counter these attacks so that our readers can be well armed mentally against the rising tide that threatens to sweep us off our feet unless we get smart and mean. In this episode, we will be giving the reader a short introduction to these tactics and their long-term motivations.

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”- Bill Clinton

There are few better examples for famous last words than these spoken by Bill Clinton, 10 days before the world was presented with Monica Lewinsky dress which contained ample amounts of evidence to the contrary.

Fast forward 20 years, and the man accused of sexual misconduct before the Senate is no other than Brett Kavanaugh, who was back then a member of the independent counsel team investigating “Zippergate” and who helped bring about the downfall of Clinton.

In this 20 year time-span, we can observe just how – and why – the rules of the game have changed when it comes to ‘accusations’. When the left bemoans that we live in a ‘post-truth’ age, they are right on the mark – but not because Putin and Trump have late-night calls on how best to turn the United States into the 4th Reich, as they pretend to believe. The Kavanaugh case is the most recent and perhaps, most blatant chapter in a playbook the Left has been developing for decades, and which can be seen in the handbooks of secret police from the Cheka and the Stasi to the CIA. In the German example, this was called Zersetzung (excerpt from Stasiland by Anna Funder):

“[The] targeted spreading of rumours about particular persons with the aid of anonymous [means]… making compromising situations for them by creating confusion over the facts… [and] the engendering of hysterical and depressive behaviors in the target person.”

No longer do you need physical evidence or even corroborating witnesses to successfully stain a man’s vest. Now you simply throw as much shit as you can in the hope that people will associate the smell of it in the air with the accused, and no the accusers (and her globalist backers). Take 3 parts “liberal female accusers”, mix with 4 decades of time passing without a single mention or recollection of any assault taking place, liberally add vague statements and psycho-linguistic manipulation tactics, and spice with hatred of “the white male”. Finally, garnish with a smattering of globalist lawyers and shake vigorously while chanting mantras like “Believe Women”. Make sure to close the lid tight – wouldn’t want to get any of this on yourself! Don’t forget to add the ice-cubes that your target allegedly threw at someone in a bar when Ronald Reagan was still in office.

Proceed to pour this cocktail over your victim in the hopes that even though none of it would hold up in a civilised court of law, it will sufficiently rile your target so that you can instead accuse him of ‘lacking temperament’ as he is gagging from the smell of the filth you have thrown across his reputation and family’s health. Ladies and Gentlemen: welcome to 2018, where a Judge with decades of professional and personal integrity is accused by a ‘psychology professor’ who disturbingly speaks in a young girl’s voice in a manner one would associate with the psych ward and not a lecture hall.

The best part about this entire process aimed at dismantling white male power to make place for its replacement in the form of non-white females is that they thought they were throwing shit at a wall. Turns out, they threw it at a ventilator, and its all coming back to them.

From the Blue Wave to Rivers of Blood

In the short term, of course, these tactics are used as a move to delay ongoing processes until there is a window of opportunity for unfolding further strategies and exposing media-consumers to the chosen narrative for a longer period of time. In the Causa Kavanaugh, the Democrats hope to delay and smear until the Midterm elections, in which they hope to win enough Senate seats to make any nomination not to their liking downright impossible. They are simply playing a high-stakes game for time.

However, whether this strategy will unfold to their gain is doubtful, since their tactic has taken several blows in the last days and weeks as not only Ford’s strategy, but also the credibility of other accusers and the Senate Democrats began to collapse in on itself and made it very difficult even for the system media to keep it all from unravelling. This narrative collapse has gone as far as Cory Booker, one of the leaders of the Democrat carrion-feeders, now saying that it doesn’t matter whether Kavanaugh is innocent as he showed a lack of temperament, and that Trump should nominate someone else. Of course, any subsequent nomination would undergo this very same smear-process until the Democrats are ‘empowered’ enough again.

But what does the long-term motivation and strategy behind all these dirty delays look like?

In the Sacramento Bee, Erika Smith writes: “To the loyal, populist supporters of President Donald Trump, Kavanaugh succeeded in looking like a victim of elitist politicians. But to the rest of us, he just looked like an entitled, privileged white male, whining because he’s unaccustomed to losing anything — much less a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court that he always expected to get.” She goes on to say: “The white male victimhood narrative is prevalent in Republican circles these days. But as the demographics of the U.S. begin to look a lot more like those of California, it’s a narrative that clearly won’t last.”

If you had any doubts about the agenda and the future at stake here, here it is ‘black on white’. White male victimhood will NEVER exist in their logic; white males therefore arguing that they are the victims of injustice is just them whining because they haven’t lost enough yet. Only when you are one of the perpetual downtrodden may you ask for everything; and even once they become an underclass, white mules must not complain. The coup is that once whites have lost everything, they will certainly not be permitted to complain either. These are the rules of the game, so you damn well make sure you are not a victim.

The last part of Smith’s vile but revealing column really strikes it home: once the US has become fully majority non-white, any ‘white victimhood’ narratives will have absolutely zero weight. In other words: white minority existence means that whites will also become an underclass to whom grievances are not permitted, despite the gracious ‘grievance culture’ the left has been fostering for decades. Perhaps white women will be thrown a bone, but ultimately the agenda is plain on the table here for white men. Demographics are the thin end of the wedge to overthrow the rule of law and justice as we understand it. Once ‘everywhere looks like California’, things like due process or the rule of law created by the European settlers will no longer be in effect, and whoever holds the whip hand (in Enoch Powell’s words) will be the one to decide how the pie is divided. And if people like Erika Smith and Cory Booker have a say (and they do), that hand will certainly not be favourable to uppity whites like Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, or perhaps you, the reader.

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