Dangerous growth of MGTOW

If you look at Google trends today with the search terms “Alt-Right” and “MGTOW” you’ll see that over the course of the past couple of months MGTOW caught up to and shot beyond the Alt-Right in terms of searches. MGTOW searches have yet to surpass the Alt-Right peak of Charlottesville however this is only a matter of time. This however, is not a great indicator of absolute size as much more MGTOW media tends to have that word in it’s title and thus more MGTOW search for the word MGTOW than white nationalists search for the word Alt-Right. My personal guess would be that for now the Alt-Right is about 3x or 4x more numerous than MGTOW

But who can really blame these MGTOW? If you leave out her capacity to make babies, what does a median white woman really have to offer in marriage? There really is mostly risk and hassle.

However google trends is not the only indicator here, you can look at social media accounts, the reddit forum and much more. They are all going literally parabolic. compare this to the much more linear growth we are seeing within the Alt-Right and you’d say it is just a matter of time before they catch up in size. which would contribute to the end of white civilisation at a speed and thoroughness that we can’t really imagine.

Aren’t MGTOW just Incels in denial?

Many Alt-Righters seem to think that MGTOW doesn’t matter and that it is only for the good that all these “losers” don’t procreate. And whilst I agree that it would be for the better to dump our qualitatively lowest 10% of the gene pool, MGTOW isn’t really made up of just that 10% I’m not even sure if it is 50% of that 10%. This is partially due to the mistaken Idea that MGTOW are basically incels in denial. And whilst this could be said for some portion of MGTOW it certainly can’t be said of all of them. If you were to for example look at their reddit feed you’ll find many of them talk about studying STEM or having previously been married. If I were to describe the MGTOW group it would be men with lower extraversion that have come to the conclude that “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.”

Shaming these men for being “weak” doesn’t work. I invite you to try it, find some youtube comment saying something to the effect of “MGTOW is the only way” and tell him to “man up” and be a good little provider to a wife. He’ll shrug it off like nothing and tell you that he’d rather retire by 45. But who can really blame these MGTOW? If you leave out her capacity to make babies, what does a median white woman really have to offer in marriage? There really is just mostly risk and hassle. For us nationalists there is this inherent unmeasurable value of having a family that I suspect many of us would happily work themselves to death for. No such thing could be said for the average modern day man.

Their reasons

If it’s not because they can’t get them, why do MGTOW not want anything to do with women? Well actually there are plenty of reasons so let’s go through a couple of downsides in relationships with women.

  1. Likelihood of divorce
    Women initiate around 70-80% of divorces in most western countries. Especially in the Anglo-sphere this often means absolute hell for men. Family courts will sometimes even, go so far as handing the kids to a meth-addict mother while the father pays child-support to pay for her habit. Oh, and if you don’t pay up, it’s debtors jail for you.
  2. Current dating scene
    Men have always been replaceable and women have always been hypergamous. There is nothing wrong with that, however due to modernity (read population density and tinder) 18 to 26 year old women have never before had such easy access to the top 20% of men. Causing many to wait too long to settle down with a nice provider beta who then feels cheated out of her best years while having to make due with her quickly declining SMV by the time she does take his advances seriously. This may seem petty, but it is most certainly a common meme is see within the MGTOW community. Add to this that a women having had many premarital sexual partners seems to correlate with higher chances of divorce and cheating and marrying a 28 year old woman seems like a bad deal.
  3. The attitude of modern women
    Men like to feel as though they rescue a damsel in distress, not get to be accepted as an equal by a strong independent woman. If women really want a guy to fall in love with them, they’d be much more effective if they showed their appreciation in a more feminine way.

Then There are a few perks marriage used to bring that aren’t there any longer such as

  1. Getting the housework done
    At some point in the past housework was a full-time job: washing clothes, scrubbing the floor, fixing up clothing, cleaning the wood stove, cooking dinner, doing the dishes or knitting socks. Being a housewife was in effect a full-time job that provided the man who shared his salary with her a great service. These days however, most of this housework is largely automated by (dish)washing machines and prefabricated products like cotton socks, more effective cleaning products or central heating. This is even the case when cooking dinner. I never understood why people buy pre-chopped onions or packaged diced fruit at two or sometimes three times the price of the raw product. But I suppose if it allows you to watch five more minutes of TLC before having to start cooking dinner it might be worth it. As an example, I can keep up with all the housework in my 100-ish square meter apartment within just four to five hours a week. Add to that thirty minutes of cooking a day and you can see why most men are not desperate to find a housewife to help them out.
  2. Sex
    At some point in the past sex before marriage was a big no-no. This motivated men to quickly marry in order to “get some.” This however is obviously no longer true, a strong independent woman should be able to have as many sex-partners as she wants at any time she wants. This may suck for beta’s in their early twenties but quickly turns to their advantage by the time they hit their thirties and have some money. Being a sugar daddy, tinder, tricking women in their late twenties or early thirties into believing you want to settle down with her, there are plenty of ways for older beta’s to “pump and dump” with righteous indignation after being friend-zoned when they were younger. If even that is too much work for you, there is plenty of (virtual reality) porn, a sex doll or soon even a sex robot to quench any sexual urge. Or you could choose to become a “Monk” and skip out on that instinct in all ways solely focussing on other goals and issues.
  3. Offspring
    This is much less of a problem throughout most of continental Europe as divorces are less anti-male in most of these countries. However again in most of the Anglo-sphere children aren’t shared between husband and wife, they are solely the “property” of the wife. And if you don’t believe me ask divorced fathers how often they get to see their kids. I promise you it will be significantly less than 50% off the time, whilst they get to pay significantly more than 50% of the cost of their upbringing in child support. Why not have a kid with a Russian surrogate mother and not have to deal with fickle women?

If you have a above median income and don’t care much for breeding or tradition. Marrying is for the most part a risky act of charity. Anything you can get through marriage can be obtained more cheaply and less riskely through other means. Being a sugardaddy to a 21 year old college student whilst having the two sons you got through surrogacy brought to and from school by your cleaning lady is actually cheaper than a wife for a good portion of men. And if you cut out the kids or need for sex with a twenty-one year old the savings only multiply. Cut out all of it and you get to retire by forty-five. I can understand why men would skip out on marriage.

The real losers MGTOW creates and why we have to act quickly

The divorce statistics and other anti-male data pointed out on websites like this one might lead you to believe that men are just unhappy victims in this debacle. Suicide statistics would seem to agree, until you look at the happiness of non-married men who could have been married. These men have statistically never been so happy before. And with the reasons outlined above, if you can make due with hedonism till you die, there is nothing better than being a single man past your early thirties.

This isn’t quite so much the case for women although as a man in his early twenties it is difficult for me to imagine what women think and feel. What I can say is that there sure are a lot of articles like this, this or this one out there or even entire communities making fun of the idea.

No, the real victims of the modern sexual market place are: the fertility of our race and thus it’s future, beta males below thirty, unmarried women above thirty, divorced men, divorced women and especially their children. Hedonistic single-hood only works for the above median man in the long term.

An Example of a female perspective of a woman who realises just a tad too late that she has been lied to.

However there is a societal cost far too few people are talking about. Single men are much less economically productive than men hitched to an ever demanding wife. Why buy a large house if you are going to live alone? There is no need to save money to send your kids to college if you don’t have any. Neither do you have to pay for the twelfth pair of shoes your non-existing wife decided to buy. So what do you have to spend that extra money you are earning on? Well, nothing really. Which is exactly what I see men talking about on the MGTOW subreddit. They retire young or start working part-time to be able to spend more time on their hobbies, which makes perfect rational sense if you don’t care for a family. However this is horrible news for the nation, these men won’t care to protect a country when war breaks out. What do they have to protect? Their favourite acoustic guitar? And where is the government going to get their soon to be missing tax revenue? These men have no roots whatsoever so tax them just a bit too much and poof they are gone.

What nationalists can do

Earlier on I described that shaming won’t help a bit, these men are laughing their way into early retirement etc. Women however could very well be shamed into behaving in a more respectable way that get’s them ready to be more acceptable in marriage. Make sure their early twenties are spend looking for a husband rather than just having a bit of fun. That way they can latch on to a guy while they are still in the peak of their sexual market value.

However, I do have some advice for women. I’ll be quite direct but as I explained above, stopping MGTOW in it’s tracks really is mostly to your benefit. Don’t forget that there are many men who will happily die for you on a battlefield if that means women will appreciate them. Most men are  just workerdrones that slave away in the hopes of pleasing women. So once you are married and got yourself a personal workerdrone I promise you that if you show him appreciation and respect he will triple or even quadruple his output. It will work much better than this disrespect and shaming many husbands are forced to experience these days. So what does that mean in a practicle sense?

Firstly, don’t wait to settle down until you get to your late twenties. Your attractiveness peaks somewhere around twenty-one to twenty-four. Pick your guy around that time and marry him quickly before he finds a more attractive wife. Time really is working against you. Seriously consider not getting a degree if you have decided to be a housewife. If you even get an OK guy if you show appreciation I promise you that his career will skyrocket and that his income should be plenty. And don’t forget that most divorces are initiated by women so there is no need to have a degree to get a job if you were to get a divorce. You’ll be such a great prospect for marriage no men will ever even consider leaving you.

Secondly, you should work to decrease your economic cost. This means less (or rather no) complaining when a holiday is too cheap or that the house is too small and less pointless consumerism. And if you are a housewife that means going the extra mile now that technology has made housework much easier. spend proper time with the kids, have a vegetable garden and chickens, fix up clothing rather than buying new, don’t waste away on the sofa watching reruns of dr. Phill and Opera.

Thirdly, take care of your looks, so watch your weight, don’t dress like shit as soon as you get married and don’t have strategically timed headaches. Men are simple creatures, they like sex with healthy looking women.

If you do these few simple things I promise you you’ll get the best long term man out there and manage to keep him too. And in the bigger picture that will allow us convince men not to go MGTOW and thus improve productivity and fertility and ultimately contribute to saving the white race.

5 thoughts on “Dangerous growth of MGTOW”

  1. Good points. But it’s a sad day when you have to write an article to women about “appreciating” a men. Wtf happened?

    It’s also sad that you refer to men as ‘simple creatures who just want sex with a healthy woman’ siiigh. While this is partly true, but, many men (like women) want a meaningful connection.

  2. Once married.
    Got divorced.
    Went on dating and what is left are crazy feminist bitches who prefer cats instead of men.
    MGTOW is not dangerous but it is a rational respond to the current gender situation.
    Now the feminist bitches vote on leftish parties allowing a massive immigration to compensate for the historical low birthrate.
    You can try to learn women how te handle a man, but society learns the opposite; look at me-too, the ‘you are worth it’, the screaming, the bitching, superwomen in movies who are superior to men and beating them up, the Gillette anti-male advertisement, the list goes on and on.
    You cant win this game, fuck the game.
    A single man is likely to be more productive because he lacks the torture of a nagging and manipulating woman. He can focus better, spend his money more rational. Many famous scientist like Tesla were MGTOW-like men. I have never been as productive as being a MGTOW.

  3. “contribute to saving the white race.” Its all races, the others may be a generation behind, possibly apart from Muslims who know how to put woman in their place, but Toxic feminism is coming for them…..

  4. The “relationshits” on offer from western women are investment terms the equivalent of buying a savings plan from Bernie Madoff. In fact it’s worse than that because you won’t lose your liberty losing your cash to Madoff, where as you can with a relationship with a woman.

    It’s the equivalent of paying top money for an Austin Allegro (crap British car), when all you actually need is an occasional ride in an Uber car.

    Redundant, Rubbish, Over, Done.

    You just try to get women to make sacrifices for your nationalism. No hope there.

  5. “Men have always been replaceable and women have always been hypergamous. There is nothing wrong with that”.
    Wait a minute. There is nothing wrong with that?
    OK, I stopped reading right there. The author cannot be taken seriously.
    Message to the author: Address the court system and the divorce laws, and you have a much better argument.
    As for now, go mgtow all the way!

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