Make Europe Boreal Again!

In the series Westworld, we are faced with a dystopian future: in their hubris and boredom, the leading scientific and economic elites have created sentient machines. Exposed to savagery and endless cycles of death and rebirth, some machines seemingly achieve a state of awareness, not just of their own Self, but also the harsh world into which their Creators have born them. Upon becoming aware of the fact that they are being used by having everything – their very lives and loved ones – taken away for the pleasure and profit of others, these machines try to find a way to break this cycle of personal hell; to protect and preserve those sacred things that make up the core of their existence.

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An ethnostate for everybody or treehugging Imperialism?

I used to think homosexuality posed no danger, and thus decidedly did not care about what homosexuals did or didn’t do in the privacy of their bedrooms. But later at the same time that I started to lose my more liberal and untrue beliefs on race. And came over to the “wrong and bad side” of the human biodiversity argument. I learned a lot about the homosexual community as well.

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Afl #1 Volk, Word Staat! – Een bezoek aan de IJzerwake.

Excuses voor de audio, ik heb enigzins moeten sleutelen om de stevige brom van de auto eruit te krijgen. Dit maakt de stemmen ietwat nasaal en hoog. Jullie zullen er toch maar genoegen mee moeten nemen.

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The Alt-Right Growth Report #1 June 2018

One general feeling that hasn’t seemed to die within the Alt-Right is this idea that things haven’t been going very well since Charlottesville. Or even that the movement has died. First off all that is barely relevant from my (European) perspective. But it also seemed to me that our platforms have just been growing steadily as they were before Charlottesville. I think anybody fully confronted with Alt-Right views are forever changed. Learning about HBD or the JQ will forever change the way you look at the world, whether you found the ideas to match up with reality or not.

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