Simple Actionable Life Improvement #1 – Introduction

Self-help has gotten a bad name over the past few years and to be honest somewhat rightly so. This is partly due to the slow but steady decline of the popular myth of “becoming the best version of yourself” as though there is even such a thing as a “best version of you” or even a “self”. Add to this the horribly American way in which most self-help books are written, like how Dale Carnegie still seems to deem it necessary to market the book to you on page 60 in “How to win friends and influence people” with its endless anecdotes about the effectiveness of the techniques. And lastly, the general lack of any scientific underpinnings of the marketed techniques should be examples of why self help really isn’t very much of a Continental-European thing.

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Flinging Shit Until It Sticks Ep 1 – Introduction

A series exploring globalist smear-campaigns against ‘whites in the way’ – and how we can defend ourselves against this

Every Saturday afternoon, we will be exploring how internationalist elites and their lobotomized henchmen are using are using manipulation tactics and moving the goalposts to stifle any voices of dissent against their agenda of white replacement. The tactic is simple: making ridiculous claims about their targets (mostly white men), ranging from sexual assault to nazi sympathies, in order to turn public opinion against them and claim the high ground. In short, they fling enormous amounts of shit in the hope that something sticks, thereby removing an obstacle in their path to absolute power and our ruin. Naturally, we will also be analyzing how to best counter these attacks so that our readers can be well armed mentally against the rising tide that threatens to sweep us off our feet unless we get smart and mean. In this episode, we will be giving the reader a short introduction to these tactics and their long-term motivations.

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Stumbling Bricks & Sigurds Blood

The European and internationalist elites have deluded themselves into thinking that we have arrived at our ‘final destination’. Our civilization has arrived at a point in its intellectual development that is entirely unnatural, even within the cycles of flourishing and decline of civilizations (as those analyzed by Oswald Spengler). It sees itself as “special” – but not in the way that all others nations of the past or present do.

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Dangerous growth of MGTOW

If you look at Google trends today with the search terms “Alt-Right” and “MGTOW” you’ll see that over the course of the past couple of months MGTOW caught up to and shot beyond the Alt-Right in terms of searches. MGTOW searches have yet to surpass the Alt-Right peak of Charlottesville however this is only a matter of time. This however, is not a great indicator of absolute size as much more MGTOW media tends to have that word in it’s title and thus more MGTOW search for the word MGTOW than white nationalists search for the word Alt-Right. My personal guess would be that for now the Alt-Right is about 3x or 4x more numerous than MGTOW

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