Our Platform

It is always useful to clearly define goals, so that is what I will do here.

Ensuring that the native Dutch remain a very large supermajority

Currently the native Dutch fertility rate (babies per woman) is at 1.6. This would not necessarily be a big problem if it weren’t for the fact that immigration and breeding of newcomers is a great danger to the Dutch supermajority. We are convinced that most of these newcomers will not be able to preserve the level of safety, productivity, efficiency and general culture of the Netherlands. In order to prevent this decline we want to incentivize repatriation, disincentivize non-western-European immigration and improve the native fertility. 

Allow for real free speech and association

Free speech should be possible in the public space, the law should contain no such concept as hatespeech. The only thing that should be illegal are threats that could realistically be acted upon. And yes, large scale social media is a public space and thus falls in this category. When exactly an internet service should be considered “large scale social media” is somewhat harder to define, but Youtube, Twitter and Facebook should most certainly fall within this category.

As for, freedom of association, if a township, property owner or business wants to exclude people from their territory, property or service for any reason whatsoever they should be able to.

Gold Standard or at least less Fiat dependency

A return to the gold standard or even better to start just using gold and silver again without the intermediate state currency of guldens, francs or dollars. Best case I go to my local supermarket and prices are shown in gg (gold grams) ans sg (silver grams). However such a transition is difficult to make suddenly and thus the best way to go about this would be to allow for silver and gold to become a real parallel currency. It should be fully legal and perhaps even incentivized through some tax relief like decreased BTW (sales tax) when dealing in gg and sg. Then by the time the next recession hits the Dutch people will quickly discover the relative stability of precious metals.

Decrease societal complexity and decentralize government power

The state apparatus has become too large and too complex and thus somewhat inefficient. This is a very difficult problem to solve however a good place to start would be to simplify our taxes and government handouts. Another way to do this is to reintroduce competition, if we allow provinces and townships to really levy their own taxes and not be dependent on the countrywide government for handouts. This could reintroduce some competition to our government and thus hopefully incentivize this process as well.

Decrease household dependence on national and regional infrastructure

There is this old prepper saying that we are all 72 hours away from civil strife and starvation at any time. This is because if food transport to cities were to end right at this moment city inhabitants would be all out within 72 hours. The average household has become so incredibly dependent on the larger economic system that we seem to just be begging for a disaster. One large solar flare, Power grid disaster, oil crisis or other external cause for disorder and cities will be a big mess. Add to this that transport costs should start to increase as energy will become more scarce and we have a good reason to start to look at ways to decentralize more of our food production, water collection and waste processing. Best case scenario most households in the Netherlands have a 100 square meters vegetable garden, a composting toilet, some solar panels, a couple chickens, a wood burning stove and a water collection system. We understand this may seem like a lot, but around 1900 AD this was nothing out of the ordinary.

Decrease consumerism

A large percentage of of what the average Dutch household buys does not improve their lives significantly at all. This is a shame as this money could be used to save for retirement, send kids to college or other activities that do affect the value of life. Although we wouldn’t want to take the rights away of Dutch citizens to spend their money as they please, we do want to have a government run campaign to convince citizens that one more handbag really won’t make them happy. And we want to look at banning certain types of emotionally manipulative ways of advertising.

One parent at home policy

Studies show that parent investment in children has a big impact on children’s success later in live. Dumping them at an after school daycare just won’t do. We believe that policies like a return to the gold standard, some decrease in pointless consumerism as well as producing more food, energy and heating at home should free up one of two working parents or allow both to work half-time. This should allow for more child investment, which we want to incentivize by subsidising family museum visits and the like. This free parent is then also available to work the hypothetical vegetable garden and feed the hypothetical chickens.