On this blog you’ll find a generally cynical projection of the future of mankind that is if you hold on to the value system you were taught in primary school. I don’t want to say too much about my opinions considering they tend to move around as I get presented with new data. But one thing will be a constant, what I write will be my own thoughts and attempts to describe reality as well as my limited intelligence (and more importantly countries hate speech laws) will allow me to. Most of these blogposts will also be uploaded as narrated YouTube video’s if you prefer that format.

The content here is mostly there to serve me in attempting to organize the whirlwind of information available to us into reasonable opinions and actionable goals. And that is exactly the two types of content I will be hosting:

  1. Real actionable life skills that I am working on myself.
  2. Attempts at explaining large scale socio-political phenomena and what I think should be done about them.

So really these two translate to:

  1. How to adapt our proto-agrarian hunter gatherer brain and its behaviors to work in the context of modernity.
  2. How to adjust or get rid of modernity allowing our proto-agrarian hunter gatherer brains to work with us instead of against us.

Most of that will probably be pointless if the Chinese have decoded the human genome and just use something like CRISPR to build the perfect bugman cogs to turn in the economic machine.

Yet that if is a big if, there are an infinite number of possible future scenario’s. I believe there are general sets of life choices you can make that will help prepare for some of the worst of these scenario’s. I also believe that a lot of these life choices will prove to make your life more meaningful. All in all, it is very similar to the neo-reactionary 3 step process.

  1. Become worthy
  2. Accept power
  3. Rule

I hope you will correct me wherever you can. Be as critical of me as possible. Together we’ll figure out some way to make mankind flourish again.