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I haven’t got round to writing much the past couple months, but I have consumed a lot of books, podcasts etc. Some of them were so good that I would like to highlight them like I did with the prosper Crash Course by Chris Martenson. So here they are, some of them really reoriented my way of thinking, I hope they will be similarly useful to you.

The EuroDollar System by Jeffrey Snider

When I read about EuroDollars in an Alhambra article on Zerohedge I couldn’t quite make sense of what this Jeffrey Snider guy was talking about. However after listening to this podcast series, things started to click. I can’t say I really full understand it yet. But through EuroDollar glasses the start of the 2008 crisis makes quite a bit more sense than it did through regular old macro economic glasses. Both season come with a slide deck included. I won’t include these on this page out of respect for the business model of macrovoices. In order to get the slides (which I recommend) you can just make a free account with a throwaway e-mail. All they do is send you a weekly e-mail with some financial news in there (some of it is actually pretty interesting). This is what they say about it on their own page:

We strongly recommend that you download the chart book that accompanies this interview, and Erik and Jeff will refer to it throughout the interview. Registered users here at already received the download link in your research roundup e-mail. If you haven’t already registered, click the red “Subscribe for FREE” button on the top right side of the home page, and register.  Once logged in, click “Research Library” and Guest Publications near the top of the page. From there you can download the PDF.

I must also say that in the economic podcast genre macro voices is one of the better ones. No one could ever blame them for being “permabears” but they do have their heads screwed on meaning that they and most of their guests understand that another crisis isn’t far of. Another very worthwhile financial podcast is the Mcalvany weekly commentary.

Making Sense – Sam Harris

Now I assume most people have heard about Sam Harris before. I usually still check in with his podcast. Because, even though his endless liberal rhetoric might get on your nerves a bit. The long form in-depth conversations make it all worthwhile. The best ones from the past few months would be the following:

A not quite so funny podcast from Victor Stamp (better known as WANG)

Victor Stamp, or better known as Vic, is usually best known for making funny podcasts that make a well known Alt-Right talking point. This one however is not so fun, but probably one of his best ones to date.

Of course I don’t want to leave you on that kind of a dark note, so here is a light-hearted analysis of the fall of Rome.

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