The Alt-Right Growth Report #5 October 2018

Again I’m happy to present this month’s Alt-Right growth report. This month we have some reasonable growth on the Youtube front whereas most websites continue their decline.

Again, just like last month all websites have been losing Alexa ranking except for the Dailystormer. Which just like last month gained so much that it pulled up the entire index along with it. Looking at the totals here our weighted website presence actually grew by slightly over ten percent this month! Nevertheless the constant downslope of counter-currents, Amren and TRS is somewhat worrying.

Websites (Alexa)Alexa Rank
Lower is better
Relative Change
Negative is better
Alt-Right Alex index26,888-10.28%
Strongly Correlated2,010-9.29%

On the Youtube front things are going OK. A subscriber-growth of 5% is perfectly fine when compared to the 2% and 10% of growth report 2 and 4 remember that because I missed report 3 all growth in report 4 is over the course of two months. And the drop in views can probably be explained by the fact that summer holidays have been over for about a month now. At least it is not just an Alt-Right phenomenon since our Alt-Light partners have the same problem. The subscriber growth of the Public Space is somewhat artificial as Jean-Fran├žois switched back to his main channel when live streaming. The view change by the Golden One however is completely natural and quite impressive.

Youtube Channels (Social Blade)SubscribersMonthly ViewsSub ChangeView Change
Black Pigeon Speaks391,6311,844,2502.13%-10.50%
Thulean Perspective203,483905,2502.09%-22.33%
The Public Space41,265489,780103.32%0.18%
Mark Collett49,849326,0406.36%-41.41%
Way of the World59,685553,74013.75%-40.90%
The Golden One85,067558,0883.04%100.05%
Alternative Hypothesis49,522138,2401.34%-10.33%
Millenial Woes50,91360,9301.19%-55.64%
Frame Games10,96154,1503.93%-4.17%
Strongly Correlated936,60218,615,2782.65%-20.24%
Stefan Molyneux861,5755,499,3302.06%-22.46%
Saron of Akkad850,9634,503,9300.58%-17.77%
Lauren Southern649,7511,292,6782.32%-58.88%
Rubin Report836,2113,718,7702.24%-4.27%
Jordan B Peterson1,484,5113,600,5704.63%-3.75%

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