The Alt-Right Growth Report #4 September 2018

Here I present the Growth report of September. Growth was great on theĀ  Youtube front however quite lacking on the website side of things.

As you can see youtube growth was quite explosive over the past two months. On the whole monthly views rose by roughly 220k or 3.7 % average subscribers grew by more than 10% over the last 2 months. Which is great progress. Especially the explosive growth of Way of the World is quite impressive.

On the website side things are looking less bright, with especially TRS taking a surprisingly large drop in alexa ranking. Although I’m not exactly sure if this translates into less podcast downloads as it could very well be that the RSS feed is not considered in this web page ranking. However thanks to impressive continual growth by the daily stormer websites overall still grew.

The September report (#4)

The Previous report of July (#2)

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