The Alt-Right Growth Report #1 June 2018

One general feeling that hasn’t seemed to die within the Alt-Right is this idea that things haven’t been going very well since Charlottesville. Or even that the movement has died. First off all that is barely relevant from my (European) perspective. But it also seemed to me that our platforms have just been growing steadily as they were before Charlottesville. I think anybody fully confronted with Alt-Right views are forever changed. Learning about HBD or the JQ will forever change the way you look at the world, whether you found the ideas to match up with reality or not.

So I’ve made the “Alt-Right Size Index” and the “Gateway Size Index”. I’ve tried to make sure the ARSI reflects the general range of opinion within the Alt-Right Making us able to roughly measure it’s growth over the course of the coming months and years, the same is true for the GSI. Now it is possible these indices are seriously incomplete, if that is so I would be happy to add a few YouTube channels and websites. However they way I currently have the formula set up would have the index increase or decrease by adding a website or YouTube channel. Meaning, it would be best to make any changes early on. So as not to muddy too much of the data with changes to the index parameters.

Now then without delay I present to you this months data:



My plan is to value this data in the following way: websites count for 50%, views 30%, and subscribers 20%.  Both indexes start at 100 and I will take the change relative to the previous month and multiply the value of the previous month to get the current months value. That way there will be a one month delay when I add extra data points, but it is the best way I can think of to make sure things can be added to these indexes without corrupting them too much. So just to make clear, I will calculate the relative change first, then add extra data to the index (which will not be counted as growth), and then the month after look at the growth relative to that second index of the previous month.

I’ll always gather the data on the first day of the month, and hope to have all reports online before the end of the second day. So work hard for the movement, so you can help see the quantified growth happen! And if I’m missing any medium to large, hopefully European, websites or personalities please let me know so I can add them to the list.

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