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Sweden vs. Hungary: To be or to Be Replaced?

Why does a Swedish minister feel the need to attack another country’s birthrate policies? Why does she risk causing an international row by calling that country’s policies reminiscent of national-socialist ones? The answer is simple: this was not a message to Hungary, or other countries wishing to implement similar policies to boost native birthrates in lieu of fiscally expensive and socially costly immigration policies. This was a message to natives in Sweden primarily, reassuring them: only bad Nazis want to support the native population that is meant to inherit the nation. 

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All Hives Matter?

On the importance of securing a future for the existence of native and wild bees  

“Save the Bees” is a slogan that we have heard left and right in the last couple of years. The bee, in many ways, has been morphed into a symbol of ecosystems suffering under our destructive modern agricultural practices. This agricultural system is now causing the loss of one of its own most important cornerstones: pollinators that ensure our crops, orchards and flowers blossom anew each year, for which bees play a vital role. The chief trigger for this concern was a series of years around 2006-2013 in the United States as well as Europe in which many bee-hives experienced very high rates of mortality, especially throughout winters, with millions of colonies dying in a short amount of time. In China, some regions had to pollinate crops by hand because their bee-colonies were not able to pollinate sufficiently anymore.

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The Conquest of Tolerance: on the Morocco Tourist Murders

To begin with, let me say that I have not watched the recently surfaced video of two young female Scandinavian tourists being executed by Islamic State vermin. Whether you have watched the video, read the description making the rounds, or simply heard the now-known facts, people’s reactions vary. The reactions I’ve come across vary from rage against the barbaric jihadists who committed the deed to cynical responses to the girl’s naiveté suggesting they had paid the inevitable price for it.

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Flinging Shit Until It Sticks Ep 1 – Introduction

A series exploring globalist smear-campaigns against ‘whites in the way’ – and how we can defend ourselves against this

Every Saturday afternoon, we will be exploring how internationalist elites and their lobotomized henchmen are using are using manipulation tactics and moving the goalposts to stifle any voices of dissent against their agenda of white replacement. The tactic is simple: making ridiculous claims about their targets (mostly white men), ranging from sexual assault to nazi sympathies, in order to turn public opinion against them and claim the high ground. In short, they fling enormous amounts of shit in the hope that something sticks, thereby removing an obstacle in their path to absolute power and our ruin. Naturally, we will also be analyzing how to best counter these attacks so that our readers can be well armed mentally against the rising tide that threatens to sweep us off our feet unless we get smart and mean. In this episode, we will be giving the reader a short introduction to these tactics and their long-term motivations.

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Stumbling Bricks & Sigurds Blood

The European and internationalist elites have deluded themselves into thinking that we have arrived at our ‘final destination’. Our civilization has arrived at a point in its intellectual development that is entirely unnatural, even within the cycles of flourishing and decline of civilizations (as those analyzed by Oswald Spengler). It sees itself as “special” – but not in the way that all others nations of the past or present do.

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Make Europe Boreal Again!

In the series Westworld, we are faced with a dystopian future: in their hubris and boredom, the leading scientific and economic elites have created sentient machines. Exposed to savagery and endless cycles of death and rebirth, some machines seemingly achieve a state of awareness, not just of their own Self, but also the harsh world into which their Creators have born them. Upon becoming aware of the fact that they are being used by having everything – their very lives and loved ones – taken away for the pleasure and profit of others, these machines try to find a way to break this cycle of personal hell; to protect and preserve those sacred things that make up the core of their existence.

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