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Dangerous growth of MGTOW

If you look at Google trends today with the search terms “Alt-Right” and “MGTOW” you’ll see that over the course of the past couple of months MGTOW caught up to and shot beyond the Alt-Right in terms of searches. MGTOW searches have yet to surpass the Alt-Right peak of Charlottesville however this is only a matter of time. This however, is not a great indicator of absolute size as much more MGTOW media tends to have that word in it’s title and thus more MGTOW search for the word MGTOW than white nationalists search for the word Alt-Right. My personal guess would be that for now the Alt-Right is about 3x or 4x more numerous than MGTOW

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An ethnostate for everybody or treehugging Imperialism?

I used to think homosexuality posed no danger, and thus decidedly did not care about what homosexuals did or didn’t do in the privacy of their bedrooms. But later at the same time that I started to lose my more liberal and untrue beliefs on race. And came over to the “wrong and bad side” of the human biodiversity argument. I learned a lot about the homosexual community as well.

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Afl #1 Volk, Word Staat! – Een bezoek aan de IJzerwake.

Excuses voor de audio, ik heb enigzins moeten sleutelen om de stevige brom van de auto eruit te krijgen. Dit maakt de stemmen ietwat nasaal en hoog. Jullie zullen er toch maar genoegen mee moeten nemen.

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