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The village – Wim Sonneveld

The Village by Wim Sonneveld may very well be one of the most romantic anti-modernist Dutch songs I have ever heard. It came out on the 18th of may 1974. Right around the time it must have started to become clear to people in the Dutch countryside that technology was changing the culture even outside the cities. It gives a sense of the confusion that older men who had seen different times must have experienced seeing their villages change so suddenly and rapidly.

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Podcast: A Discussion on a new Political Paradigm

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I’m not really happy with how this podcast came out, I feel like I still didn’t get the whole point across. So, I’m working on an in-depth article to see if I can get the Idea out there in the end.

AFL #7 “OpRutte” roepen de gele hesjes

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Om mee te kunnen lezen staat in de blogpost het hele platform.

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SALI #2 – Ulysses Pact against the sirens of distraction

The name Ulysses pact comes from an Greek Myth by Homer, the Odyssey. In this myth at some point the protagonist Ulysses (which is Latin it’s Odysseus in Greek) wants to hear the siren song. However it is commonly known that no man is able to resist the call of the sirens. Thus he makes a pact with his crew. Whilst they all stuff their ears with beeswax so as not to be able to hear the song, he is bound to the mast and the crew promise not to untie him until well out of range of the sirens. 

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Simple Actionable Life Improvement #1 – Introduction

Self-help has gotten a bad name over the past few years and to be honest somewhat rightly so. This is partly due to the slow but steady decline of the popular myth of “becoming the best version of yourself” as though there is even such a thing as a “best version of you” or even a “self”. Add to this the horribly American way in which most self-help books are written, like how Dale Carnegie still seems to deem it necessary to market the book to you on page 60 in “How to win friends and influence people” with its endless anecdotes about the effectiveness of the techniques. And lastly, the general lack of any scientific underpinnings of the marketed techniques should be examples of why self help really isn’t very much of a Continental-European thing.

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